Blue Vapor Creations


What exactly is fused glass?

Glass fusing is the process of using heat from a kiln to melt specially formed pieces of glass into a new unified piece of glass. The majority of my creations include a specially developed form of glass known as dichroic glass that amplifies the beauty. The majority of the my creations are with a piece of clear glass which creates a desirable glossy finish, as well as creating tremendous depth.

Blue Vapor Creations

All Blue Vapor Creations art is created solely by Beth Stevie.  Beth has been a glass artist since 2010, when she began taking courses from Helios Glass studios in Austin, Texas.  Helios Glass owners Paul & Karen Tarlow are extremely well versed in glass techniques and properties.  They are exceptional instructors who encourage individuality, experimenting, and enjoyment throughout the glass art process.  Beth's pieces are painstakingly finished to achieve gallery quality pieces, whether it be as small as a pendant or a large wall hanging.  She strives to ensure each creation is pleasing to the touch, visually appealing, and a showstopper!

Blue Vapor Glass Process

Blue Vapor Creations are extremely dimensional assemblies of glass fused together at temperatures between 1400-1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Each glass piece has typically endured multiple kiln firings prior to being completed, sometimes as many as 5 or 6 firings.  Most of these firings last a minimum of 15 hours each.  The resulting glass pieces are hand-worked to enhance the shape, smooth the edges, sandblasted, and fire polished, prior to the final product. Each creation includes a wide variety of clear and colored glass: iridescent, opaque, transparent, dichroic, and even textured glass occasionally. I work with high quality glass manufactured in the USA by Bullseye Glass Co. from Portland. Blue Vapor Creations pieces have strategically placed types of glass to ensure that each showcases tremendous sparkle, depth, and texture.

How do Blue Vapor Creations pieces get that amazing sparkle?

 Blue Vapors pieces include a specialized type of glass that has a glittery effect to enhance the quality & beauty of it.  This specialized glass is known as Dichroic glass. Dichroic literally translates to “2 colors”.  Dichroic glass appears exceptionally vibrant and multiple colors are seen depending upon the angles of light waves traveling through, or reflecting off it.    Dichroic glass was originally developed in the aerospace industry and became a popular medium for artists due to it’s light weight & compatibility with fusing glass.  Including Dichroic glass in my creations gives them the most amazing sparkle which simply cannot be captured on film.  The glittery effect you notice in the pictures is actually  light reflecting off the Dichroic glass.

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